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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. what is the latest? >> reporter: we just learned that man has died in addition to a dog that was in this home and firefighters and trucks left the scene. one remains, investigators on scene here. many questions remain, including what started the fire. i want to show you footage from 4 this morning when this fire started and we were here as firefighters carried him out by the hands and legs. he was transported to the hospital and again, we learned he died. they tried to save it by performing cpr and that dog also died. the pair were well-known around the neighborhood and this man lived here for years, they tell us and lived on the bottom floor of the home. the upstairs was vacant. one man died in this fire in
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so a very sad scene here this morning in cleveland. back to you. >> and thank you. and this morning, snow is falling. good morning, akron, ravena, southern portions of geauga and dasha -- ashtabula and some light snow. how much. ? less than an each of -- inch of accumulation and that is the second story, 23 degrees to start in elyria and 24 in cleveland now; 25, millersburg. you factor in the windchill and feels like single digits for a lot of us and this is what you can expect. the good news is by the end of morning rush hour, we should be done with the snow the.
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>> and this is popping up. we're moving along fine on 77 and into 490. and elsewhere, 76 and 77. and heading outside to our odot cameras and let's look at those and traffic is building, 71 and west 25th, where we're seeing the slowing. >> and thank you. donald trump and hillary clinton sweeping through and claiming big victories. check it out. on the gop side, trump takes alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, vermont, and virginia and cruz winning alaska, his home state of texas and neighboring oklahoma. marco rubio claimed minnesota and this means the delegate count stands at 285 for trump
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democrats, clinton takes alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, texas and virginia and she's way out in front with 1001 delegates. bush-cheney sanders won minnesota, colorado, oklahoma and vermont and trails with 371 delegates. and people some super tuesday states reporting problems at polls and mostly long lines in places like texas, tennessee, and georgia and there were accusations one county was handing out republican ballots and three states left people without websites to verify their polling locations and many wonder where do the candidates go from here, especially our governor and nick foley has more joe donald trump is showing no signs of letting up or letting go of the grip of the republican nomination for president, despite a growing
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that has many turning their attention to governor john kasich and to put it in perspective, despite a solid showing in vermont last night, kasich had 25. and ben carson has less. the republican leaders began to rumble that both should drop out. the only thing kasich is saying publicly is that he's saying -- staying put. >> and in the spirit of the country. >> right. >> and that is no the driven by big wigs. we have to go and do our job, what is expected of us. >> and he fully expects to beat trump. >> and there is two weeks to go. and this morning, we're also learning that ted cruz remains on the ballot in illinois and that cruz is ineligible to run for president because he was born in canada.
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ballot and a lawyer for cruz called it a misguided attempt to distract voters. jackie. and 6:05 right now. a debate over where to dump polluted seed him and it's safe to put it in the lake. and they looked at the same data but have different conclusions and is that is dumped in an area where it can't get the supply and they are telling people that pcbs and sediment would not have a negative impact on environment or fish taken from the lake. but the ohio e.p.a., the city, county and port of cleveland disagree and said they looked at the same and believe that won't be good for the lake. >> if there is any potential for pcbs in the water, we can't afford that.
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battle spark something swearing and finger pointing and shouting last night and some caught the it a health concern and others are worried about the money. the mayor said a vote could authorize the sewer district to install them. the city would demolish abandoned buildings and use the space for the project. the vote was delayed because not everyone believes him. >> and i don't know whose pockets are lined with or who you roll with and you don't community. >> and that meeting ended with a decision to vote on the issue terrence. >> and a 16-year-old is in the hospital right now after he was shot in the face. west side. the teenager was standing outside of business when someone rolled up on a bicycle and shot him.
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are searching for a stooding -- shooting suspect and in one home, it hit a popcorn machine and hit several walls inside and thankfully no know -- no one was home when this happened. they're searching for the owner of a bag of drugs. the police posted this photo after someone threw the bags. in your vest, you tossed the bag of crystal meth and that i hope the owner stops by. they have a set of lovely bracelets. and. >> new developments in twinsburg after nude photos of high school girls were posted on a popular blog site and another underage student is a person of -- and that website served a subpoena and search
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and more than a month later, that is on its way. >> and if was not for the time tumblr took to get back to us, this would have been done in the same week. >> and that suspect can face felony charges. and madison schools in ohio will open and we're learning new information about the 14- year-old boy accuseed in that shooting. and entered a denial of charges and that is a equivalent of the not built plea. and four students currently have non-life-threatening injuries and police still not revealing a motive. time now is 6:08. >> and you made it halfway through the week, folks and take a deep breath here. >> and a father's fight. the new idea he's proposing to
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>> and new developments in the erin andrews case and why the defense is implying the secret
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. breaking overnight from the live desk, a train derailment in new york forces dozens to evacuate over concerns from liking -- leaking ethanol and this happened in ripley, new york, between 15 and 20 cars from a norfolk southern train overturning here and two said to be carrying ethanol, both leaking. 55 homes in the area were evacuated because of this and the conductor and engineer were the only ones on the train at the time and neither were hurt. the cause of the derailment is under investigation. and. let's get developing stories from across the country. >> and start with stunning new allegations regarding the abuse of children by catholic priest. pennsylvania's attorney general
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diocese of al-- two bishops in the diocese hit cases over 40 years. and at least 50 church leaders were involved and includes ending a statute of limitations on sex offenses. >> and the dancing with the stars cohost faced a grueling cross examination employing the naked video peopled through a -- implying that a naked video helped her career. >> and got endorsements for reebok. >> yes. >> and you got endorsements for diet mountain dew? >> yes. >> and endorsements for florida orange juice? >> yes. >> andrews is suing the man who secretly recorded the video, michael david barrett and owners and managers of the national marriott for $75 million. >>. and i new details in the fight against apple and the fbi. the tech giant reportedly just filing an appeal and they're
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it help investigators gain access to data on the. >> i-by-phone of one of the shooters. apple creating the tech nothing to break into the no one and can put everyone's privacy at risk. >> and severe weather causing a lot of problems at chicago's o'hare airport. >> and two planes flying off of separate runways and that happened yesterday and an american airlines flight heading to new jersey had to be towed to the terminal. and there is some flights cancelled and delayed up to 90 minutes. and nothing like that. here's a look at what we're starting off w. we have snow waking up to it and still in the same area, hovering over ravena, akron and. >> august a. you can see the striations here and the lines of purple. that is worth coming down more moderately. out of all of this, less than
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going to be gone throughout the morning and it's helping here to paint that picture. 9:30 a.m., we're quiet and dry and more clouds and breaks of sunshine to help temps rise into the mid- to upper 20s and that is going to be a cold day. around three, four and if we see how much snow throughout the week and that is coming in moving late thursday morning into lunchtime and sticking around until the evening hours and that is your next chance of snow and tomorrow, let's look at the power of five seven-day forecast and a few things i want to you notice, the temperatures are chilly and not doing much into thursday and friday and staying cold and we get this nice warm-up into the weekend that starts on sunday in the 40s and we're dot 60s.
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>> and start out with odot cameras and you can make out the snow and the shots on the side and that is not sticking to the highways this morning and the salt trucks are out and i want to talk about the wind. the wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour and be extra careful and keep a close eye on 71 and 77 and indicating where we're seeing that this morning but no accidents now and time to toss it to john rudder and into air traffic 5. >> and good morning. we're going to give you the green light and we're over 480 and 71 and there is not a lot of volume and into 71 and things are looking clear across
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that green light here and we'll check in to see if anything has >> thank you. and a fourth whose daughter was killed by a wrong-way deaths. she was driving home from work when kenneth urbanec crashed into her head o. her dad is working with a local fire chief to stop wrong-way drivers and happening. they want spike strips installed that would deflate tires going the wrong way. >> and with those spike strips down, once your tire's flat, you can't go furtherer is any whoever is going the wrong way will be stopped and no one else needs to die like this. this is senseless and preventible. >> and according to the state highway patrol, there were 131 wrong-way accidents across the state and would cost $2,700 to
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and in time for primaries, details are out. and patients -- [ indiscernible ] card holders would pay an annual fee of $40 and the proposal would have five different types of businesses. many medical professionals are concerned about a medicine that is smoked. >> and medicine in the smokeable form is not an appropriate delivery method of the medicine and we have to wait for medical science to catch up, basically, and find something that will work. i know that clients will smoke marijuana anyway and i don't think we should make it this easy for them to do it in ohio. >> and that i have to approve the initiative and supporters have to give more than 3,000 signatures for it to appear on the ballot. and if you want to learn about the issue, go to the full ballot initiative right now. and first responders have a
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against heroin overdoses and a rebate for first responders will be extended into next year and meaning that fewer of your tax dollars might go to pay for it. the rebate is $6 a dose and adds up. and in 2012 alone, more than 10,000 doses were administer the -- administer said. >> and more than $3 billion worth of life-saving cancer medicine is tossed out. and they found medicare and private insurers distribute the drugs that hold too much for patients. they need to use smaller containers. and coming up next, sold out. the new product people are lining up to buy. >> and a not so magical ride. harry potter fans getting second of the newest attraction at universal studios.
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. welcome back and today, it's read across america day. across the country, thousands of schools and libraries and community centers are taking part bringing together kids, teens and books and our sports director will be reading at students at the academy and that is in cleveland this morning.
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the national education association holds the annual reading celebration on march 2nd. it's also dr. use's birthday. he would have been 112 years old and this is a fun fact to impress folks and it took him one year to write the cat in the hat. and for a guy from guam, a little boy didn't take him long to write a story but took someone years to find it. >> his dad was travelling by boat near the north pole and wrote a letter to santa and stuck it in a bottle for dad to deliver and three years later, it was found by a scientist miles and miles away from where it was dropped. after some searching, the scientist found the boy on facebook and plans to use the experience to teach the class about trashing and --tra issue and its affect on the ocean. >> and i did the same thing. >> right. >> and no one found my bottle, disappointing. >> yeah. >> and what are the chances a scientist would do that?
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>> and hopefully someone finds it eventually and let's look at the 5 on your side traffic map and that is from fulton to 90 and showing a slowing on 71. five minutes at 32 miles an hour and that is the area where we're seeing lanes out of commission and into our odot camera, i wanted to show you route 8 in tallman and make out that snow. you have not been lying and telling us about it this morning. you can see the flakes flying. >> right. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] >> 480 and 176. traffic is building a little bit and not seeing issues to report and 480y is running top to bottom on the screen and bending to the top right. and there is some volume building there and wer not seeing any tieups right now or
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with 72 know and 480 and the green light here and we're seeing flakes up here. >> and we looked at the satellite and radar. and another component is the snow blown around by the winds and 49 miles an hour winds in cleveland and akron and that is sustained. you talk about gusts, 13 miles an hour gusts and that is very windy out there and more cold throughout the day and this is that look at the forecast. and any snow is tapering off by 9:00 a.m. and terrorisms -- temperatures struggling and over to you. and let's talk about virtual reality in the early years and it's amazing how fast people buy it and this is the latest product from htc. you wear it over your eyes and ears and you will fill like you're inside of a game, about
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minutes yesterday and causing a sold out era and preorders are available again. and there are a lot of harry potter fans. a lot of folks getting sick from the motion sickness in on the new ride. and that is because of a combo of the motion seats, 3dvo and in-person anima tropics and harry potter fans need to come up with an antimotion sickness potion before riding that. >> or handing out bags before the ride. >> right. >> and -- . >> don't want to sit next to you on the ride for sure. a heroin epidemic claiming hundreds of lives in ohio. a surprising consequence. >> and a viral statement. a local mom is an internet sensation for what she did at a
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. now, a super tuesday results continue to roll in and two candidates. >> and the team is getting the latest information for you and includings new returns. >> and we a deadly house fire on the city's west side. >> and sarah finney has more. >> and we're told that the man appeared to be cooking when this fire happened.
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according to fire officials and they don't know if the smoke alarm went off and there is one in the home. a neighbor said this happened to the man before and that is blowing through the neighborhood and making it difficult and it was a serious fire when they arrived. it was bottled up inside the home and we were here as he was carried out of the home by the
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dog died as well and one man and&one dog died in this fire back to you. >> and light go to somara. >> and akron seeing that coming down more moderately than areas and this is going to push through and we're looking at the next three hours and canton, looping lou her -- through leer and some flurries this morning and on to 77 and hitting the road and that should end. and later today, reaching 28 degrees in akron and canton and some sun this afternoon. low 20s. and over to you.
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elsewhere, we're okay. and happening on carnegie and that is down to one lane between east 100th and east 107th and into odot cameras and and that looks slick on air tracker 5. >> and we were accident free for the most part of the morning and we're not seeing a lot of damage here and this is in the westbound lanes on the shoulder here on the valley view bridge and keep an eye on it and that is going to tie up traffic. back to you. and thank you. it's 6:32 and breaking
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here and claiming big victories. on the gop side, trump taking alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, virginia and virginia and cruz won alaska, his home state of texas and neighboring oklahoma and marco rubio claimed minnesota and this seems the delegate count is at 285 for trump and followed by cruz with 161; rubio, 87 and for the democrats, clinton takes alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, texas, and virginia and she's new way out in front and 1001 delegates and bernie sanders won colorado, men mile per hour, oklahoma, and the home state of virginia and is trailing. a lot at stake here and 10 states coming up and michigan with the most up for grabs. >> and what is next for candidates. will they drop out? >> a big question about that
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>> and this time on super tuesday. the gop establishment who don't want him to get the party's nomination are doing more than squirm. the feeling is that the only way it's not the nod is the rest of the candidates can rally together and trump didn't win the biggest state texas on supertuesday you go he won the majority of others adding cushion to the lead. with almost twice as many as ted cruz or marco rubio and showing no signs of bailing out of the race, despite increased pressure from -- pressure from republican heavyweights. caseic and ben carson are hurting rubio's shot at tracking down trump and last night, he didn't seem to mind. >> and we're heading north to my home court with michigan and then, i am going to tell you now. we'll beat donald trump in the state of ohio. >> yeah!
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>> and heading to michigan for the gop debate and. listen to this? a local mom going viral for her unintentional polit cat statement. and she was sitting in the second row feet away from sander when is harper decided it was time to eat. >> and a hungry baby is a hungry baby. >> and there is no let me feed you in. >> and they came by after to say thank you for being a mom. >> and that is they plan to be in cleveland this saturday. and to a battle. they want to dump contaminated sediment.
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it comes down to science. en-- the sediment is taken from a river and dumped in an area where that can not get into a supply. >> and the city, epa and port of cleveland believed the sediment would harm the lake. >> and that is following the guidelines. it's not our option to follow them. >> they make a rule and they want to hang on and that is unfortunate in this case and sometimes we have to go to the courtings to resolve the situations. >> and last year, the issue went to federal court and the judge they're ruling is not allowing them to dump into the lake. and this morning for you, outrage across the nation after the ober lan college decides not to fire a professor for her anti-semitic post. and she's not protected by tenure. on facebook, she wrote israel
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attacks and the charlie hebdo attack in paris. her statements do not represent the school's views but they respect the rights of the faculty and students to express personal views. >> and coming up next, coping with heartbreak by saving lives. how ohio's heroin crisis is giving others a second chance. >> and donald trump pushes back. going face-to-face with megan kelly again. ahead for you on good morning cleveland. first, let's check in with somara. >> and not everyone is wake up. and mansfield and ashland, we're seeing drier conditions and we want in and checking out areas like akron and canton and less than an inch in thorn -- this morning and we're going to see the snow throughout the day, quiet down and picks up again for thursday. continue watching good morning cleveland.
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. welcome back. an employment boom is hitting the buckeye state. >> what we like to hear. a new report said it brought more than 23,000 jobs to the state last year and that is a new record, my friend. those jobs pay an average of over $46,000 a year. the state officials say that jobs ohio kept another 54,000 jobs from leaving the state. governor kasich created this organization five years ago to handle economic development deals in hopes of expanding
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if you shop at aldie, use mastercard, and american express will be accepted there and they're hoping it will pull customers away from stores like target and wal-mart. adding healthier choices. and mcdonald's getting into virtual reality but not here in america. in sweden, the happy meal box will turn into a card board virtual reality headset. and it's folded along perforateed lines and you put creates virtual reality goggles for 360-degrees vows similar to google's cardboard goggles. you try saying that, too. and next, nude photos of high school students posted online and police have a person of interest. >> and we are also gearing up for our after she. you can catch us on facebook. we're going to go live around, around 7:30. and in the meantime, we're coming back with the morning
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. welcome to the morning sprint. our team following several stories for you, including the latest super tuesday results. >> and first, let's go to sarah phinney live in cleveland with new details on the breaking news.
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and also a dog has died in a fire here in cleveland. the fire department briefed us on the deadly fire and tell us that the flames were intense by the time they arrived and the wind fueling the blaze. one firefighter sustained injuries and had some burns on his neck. it appears he left something on the stove and appears to have fallen asleep. it's too early to tell if the smoke detector was working at the time. and we were here as that man was carried out by his hands and feet. he was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital where he died. a dog also pulled out of the hospital and first responders perform cpr and gave oxygen. and the neighbor said this man left food on the stove before. the upstairs of the home was vacant and lives on the bottom
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told us this is the fifth fatal fire of the year and there were 9 in total last year. >> one man is dead and another is as well. >> terrence, jackie? and let's turn to our weather and traffic team. >> and he's in air traffic 5 watching the travel spots. >> and good morning. >> good morning. a few of us are waking up to some snow out there and restricted to areas east of cleveland and here's a look now and north of ravena and near streetsboro and this is not expected to last and that is some good newings and we clear out quickly from the snow. and by wednesday, 10:00 a.m. today and that has us drying
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leave between the clouds and into the upper 20s, low 30s. and that is going to be cold out there today and we have another round of snow moving in for thursday and this is it. moving in early thursday morning and lasts all the way until thursday night. and this is another round of wet weather and things will dry out for friday and another chance on your snow. the good news is that by sunday, we're going to be seeing a good amount of sunshine and -- . >> breaking news. and this is east 40th and that a pedestrian was involved.
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with the flashers is involved and we're waiting to hear more details from them and unsure of the severity and a pedestrian accident here, and east 40th and superior police, keel weep -- we'll keep you updated. >> and we're starting to see the slowdowns and 71 north and our drive time speeds are not bad. 12 minutes to crocker and the inner belt and let's go and take a quick walk with me. i am seeing snow in the akron area and this one is state route 8 and east tallmadge avenue on the side and not sticking to the highways, the important part and that is slick, though, in some spots and state route 8 more so than others.
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time. it was drug-related and the akron location changed the policies after a number of k-2 january, rather. and thousands of facebook users share the local police department's post as they search for the owner of a bag of drugs. and here it is. macedonia police posted the photo after someone threw the bags in the garbage at a local hotel. and part of the caption reading in the haste to throw them away, you tossed your baggy of crystal math and they hoped the owner stops by. and new this morning for you, a woman is suing the city's police department in federal court. joe mcgee said that two officers caused her to have a seizure during an arrest last year. according to, that arrest stems from a fight in a wal-mart parking lot. and mcgee said the officers used excessive -- excessive force.
6:50 am
southwest ohio will reopen. and the attorney for the 13- year-old boy accuseed in the shooting entered a not guilty plea for him and that boy carried a handgun all morning and that is before opening fire. four students have. and we're learning that the couple has 80 dogs and they had a license for the dog breeding and the ohio department of agriculture revoked that license in january after finding a number of violations. and that department doesn't have the authority to take it up. >> and new photos in twinsburg, high school students are posted online and a student is a person of interest in the case and that website was served as a subpoena and search warrant at the end of january and that
6:51 am
and with mosquito season two months away, and to prepare for a virus outbreak. and it's been linked to berth defects when women are pregnant and become infected and five cases were reported in ohio. and ohio's heroin 'dem sick having an unexpected affect. life-saving organ donations are going up because of it. and that it's tied to the heroin crisis. in 2013, 19 donors died from overdoses. in 2015, that number went up to 40. one donor can save up to 8 lives and helpum to 50 people. and look here, this is a live look at the bald eagle's next outside of the elementary the students were following the eagle for a few months and there is an egg in the nest.
6:52 am
laid that egg -- that mama lady that egg friday night and could take about 36 days to hatch, which would be april 1st, somara. >> and let's look at the forecast. i want to show you that not search looking up. and that can be icy and things are out there and this is where that snow is. and shardin, picking up the purples right now and we're seeing light snow and this is that look at the forecast. when you can expect, highs not going anywhere. and into the upper 20s throughout the day and snow should taper off after morning rush hour. stick around, the morning
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. welcome back to the morning sprint here breaking overnight
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republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton claiming some big super tuesday victories. trump took alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, vermont, and virginia and cruz won alaska, oklahoma, and also his home state of texas. marco rubio claimed minnesota. the delegate count is at 285 for trump followed by cruz's 161 and rubio with 87. as for the democrats, clinton takes alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, texas, and virginia delegates. bernie sanders won colorado, minnesota, oklahoma, and his home state of vermont. he trails with 171 delegates. the latest victories bringing aside, nick. >> and so far, they have remained behind closed doors. the question is for how long. donald trump is showing no signs of letting go of the grip for president despite a growing down. and that has some in the stabment turning their
6:55 am
and trump with a comfortable lead with more than 280 delegates, nearly twice as many as ted cruz and to put that in perspective, despite a solid showing in vermont last night, kasich has 25. dr. ben carson has less and republican leaders began to rumble and both candidates should drop out and put their rubio. and the public calls haven't come yet. the only thing kasich is saying publicly is that he's staying put. he fully expects to beat trump in ohio on march 15th. keep in mind, that is in two weeks and there are six other states primaries before that. jackie. and the gop candidates will face off in another debate tomorrow. and that could mean the end of trump's feud with fox news anchor megan kelly. his campaign confirms he'll be in detroit for that debate and moderated by kelly, who trump has a long-running feud with. they first clashed during the republican debate in cleveland. when she asked about comments he made about women. and new allegations
6:56 am
the pennsylvania attorney general said that two bishops hit hundreds of abuse cases. a grand jury report said that 50 church leaders were involved in the abuse. the report recommends ending the statute of limitations on sex offenses against minors. >> and for the first time, major league baseball is suspending a player for domestic violence allegations. the yankees pitcher chapman will sit out for 30 games after a league investigation. last october, his girlfriend said that he pushed her against a wall and choked her. chapman didn't face chicago charges. -- criminal charges. scott kelly and his crew are back on their home planet of earth. they landed safely around 11:30 last night. researchers are looking into how the human body adjusts to weightlessness, radiation, and stress for future missions, including sending people to mars. >> and we today is read across america day. across the country, thousands of schools, libraries and community centers will take part by reading to kids, teenagers and it's going to be so much fun.
6:57 am
and our sports director will be reading to students at stepson academy in cleveland this morning, and we know they can't wait. >> i know. is that signs awesome. and looking at the radar and heavier pockets from granger through copley and into akron and cuyahoga falls. there is not a lot of light snow this morning, less than an inch expected. the temperatures making way to 28 degrees this afternoon. and we should see some sunshine mixing in there and that snow should end by 9. >> and that is good. it was not too bad of the morning and no major, major accidents and state route 8, and they couldma -- make that on the side there and doing a good job keeping them nice and dry and some slick spots out there, though. coming up, they're going to ask you the question do you think your home is as safe as it could be. and they're having an expert helping with you that. >> and revealing the first member of the new caping with the stars.
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join us for our facebook live -- at 7:30.
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good morning, america. donald trump and hilcommand. winning big on super tuesday. >> we're just having a celebration. >> the gop front-runner raquets up victories in seven states. ted cruz takes three the billionaire from making history. >> that would be a disaster for republicans. >> and marco rubio promises to d. >> the presidency of the united states will never be held by a con artist. >> hillary clinton also a big winner setting her sights on his country belongs to all of us, not just those at the top. >> the two front-runners now on a collision course as the fight dramatic


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